Saturday, February 20, 2010

Entrance Mats - How to Clean?

I would like to get your thoughts about entrance mats. What is being used in
your entrances to combat the sand and salt mess that is brought in to your
facilities. How often are they cleaned? Any advice or thoughts shared would be
greatly appreciated.


Maine Healthcare Engineers said...

The best approach is a 3-part system. A 6 foot mat, made to remove sand and larger particles placed outside the building (and under cover), then a 10 to
12 foot length of brush and water absorbent combination matting (in the vestibule) and finally a softer absorbent 9 - 12 foot
section placed just inside the lobby. Mat tiles or rubber backed
materials work the best for removal and cleaning. We recommend buying two of everything so you won't ever be without when you need to clean.

Lees carpet; Tandus (Collins & Aikman specifically); and Mats, Inc all have these systems.

Maine Healthcare Engineers said...

Keeping the matts clean is the way to go, having two is a great idea.